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11 October 2017The History of Russian Art
08 November 2017Image and History – Art at the Lansdowne Club
10 January 2018Medieval Paris and London - comparison of style and splendour
14 February 2018Edward Lear - Landscape Painter and Poet
14 March 2018The Rivalry between Leonardo and Michaelangelo
11 April 2018Frida Kahloe and Diego Rivera - the Golden Age of Mexican Painting
09 May 2018Salisbury Cathedral - the Making and Unmaking of a Masterpiece
13 June 2018The Mystery of Holbein's Ambassadors
11 July 2018The Ancient Temples of Sri Lanka and Burma
12 September 2018L S Lowry - should we celebrate his contribution to British art?
10 October 2018Art behind bars - the role of Arts in the cycle of crime and prison
14 November 2018The Twelve Days of Christmas

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The History of Russian Art Andrew Spira Wednesday 11 October 2017